Top Ten Flower Essences for Families

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Flower essences are one of the most useful and versatile tools I’ve found for my personal and professional life. Made from water imprinted with the energy of various individual flowers, flower essences work in a gentle and precise way to address imbalances. They create small changes on an energetic level and are most effective when used regularly over a period of time.

Essences can be used to address both chronic and acute situations, and can be taken by mouth, on the skin, or sprayed in a room. They can be used individually or in a blend of up to five essences.


The following list is, in no particular order, what I think of as the most useful essences for typical family situations.


10) Blackberry: Blackberry is the ultimate “kick in the pants” essence. It’s useful in situations such as when the entire family is feeling stuck in  a rut or not able to meet their goals.

9) Yarrow: A great essence for helping build and maintain healthy personal boundaries. Helps the individual to become more open from secure place of self.

8) Impatiens: Just like its name suggests, Impatiens is for impatience. Great for the parent who feels like they have an unusually short fuse with their kids.

7) Olive: To feel revitalized when one is exhausted. No further explanation needed!

6) Walnut: Walnut is the essence for times of transition, to help break ties and to move on. Useful for the changeover of the academic year or when welcoming a new member into the family.

5) Chamomile: This essence helps the individual to release tension which has built up in the stomach area, which can be a key spot for those kids with bellyaches during times of stress.

4) Lavender: Lavender takes the focus up to stress that is stored in the head area. Helpful in situations of headaches, neck tension, jaw pain, and teeth grinding.

3) Sunflower: This is the essence of the fatherhood relationship. Helps heal past father-relationships and supports the blossoming of current father-child bond.

2) Mariposa Lily: Mariposa Lily is the flip side of Sunflower, the mothering essence. Helps to heal the inner child and opens up the warmth of maternal nurturing.

1) Goldenrod: To help the individual to develop a healthy sense of self within the context of a family unit. A very fitting essence for the transition of the adolescent years.

Used together or on their own, these essences are useful tools to have on hand as families navigate their way though life.



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