Positive and Purposeful

Yesterday afternoon I sat down with a Lifeboard project. A Lifeboard is a tool to visually represent goals and dreams. It uses the idea of The Law of Attraction in combination with the layout based on Feng Shui.

A few months back, I’d picked up a Lifeboard box set and I’ve been collecting pictures and phrases for it here and there. Yesterday I was feeling restless and unsettled, so I decided to pull out a few magazines and the kit. A couple of hours later I had this hanging on my kitchen wall:

I love it. It’s hanging on the wall between the kitchen and the livingroom, the middle of our home, and it makes me happy when I look at it. I’m a very visual person and this resonates strongly with me because of the combination of images and words.

I love the way that it’s a positive and purposeful representation of what I want in my life at a time when I’m focused on introspection and change. When I focus on the things that I do want, the things that I don’t want have a way of falling by the wayside. When I’m purposeful with my thoughts and actions, I am empowered and focused.

Many of the pieces for this Lifeboard came out of a fashion magazine. A makeup company I purchased from gave me a free subscription, and I dislike the content and images enough that I don’t even give them to the kids for craft supplies. Instead, I’ve been snipping out words and positive images and putting the magazine directly into the recycling bin. In the end, I was able to take pieces of a magazine that stirred up feelings of unease in me and made it into a positive tool in my life.

If you’ve never used this kind of tool before, I’d highly recommend it. There are different types of vision boards that you can make, and whether you approach it from a Law of Attraction viewpoint or from a goal-setting viewpoint, it’s an interesting and powerful experience.

Have you ever made up a Lifeboard or vision board? What was your experience like?

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2 Responses to “Positive and Purposeful”

  1. I think I will be doing this this week!! I had one a very long time ago in university, but it definitely needs updating!


  2. Again I love this. Law of Attraction is huge and often under estimated. For example, people always say I’m always sick. Well you are attracting that to you. It’s the same thing with the power of the spoken word. It’s VERY powerful and if you want good things in your life, start speaking it.

    Great post Kim! My favourite of the the challenge.


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